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Steel Four-Masted Barque "Parma" - Lines Drawing and Thwartship Elevations, 47¾“

By Harold A. Underhill, A.M.I.E.S.


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Plan: 1032

Scale: ⅛” – 1’0” (Length of bowsprit: 47¾“)

Parma is a typical modern four-poster of 3,090 tons, built on the Clyde in 1902 under the name of Arrow.  In 1913 she was purchased by F. Laeisz of Hamburg for his famous “P” Line fleet and her name was changed to Parma.

She was among the last survivors of the grain fleet and is well remembered in this country, while her deck views and rigging details will be familiar to most ship lovers through the medium of the 200 odd fine photographs which illustrate Alan Villier’s well known book Last of the Windships.

The drawings are the originals of plates published in Harold A. Underhill’s Deep-Water Sail and are available for two Sizes of model:  47¾“ and 35¼“.

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