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Practical Ship Handling

By Captain M.C. Armstrong


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First published 1980 - 4th edition 2019

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We are pleased to announce that this book is available in a digital format from the following suppliers:

Bogerd Martin : Chart Track NavReader 

Marine Society & Sea Cadets : MS SeaReader

Navtor Nautic : Navstation

StormGeo : s-Planner | Publications

Todd Navigation : SeaReader

Weilbach : WENDIS SeaReader


For trainee pilots and ships' officers who aspire to be pilots

Ship handling is an art and as the artist must learn to use and to appreciate the materials available to him, so must the ship handler have a complete understanding of the materials of his craft.

This book, as the name indicates is about practical ship handling.  It concentrates on ship handling in the confines of pilotage waters which is a more specialised activity in the maritime profession and pilots are trained and experienced in this speciality.

It explains many fundamental principles of ship handling as applied to berthing, unberthing, passing and anchoring.  The advantage and disadvantages of bow thrusters and controllable pitch propellers are explained. 

The Fourth Edition will be available from October 2019 and supersedes the 2007 edition. Subjects covered include: The Navigators, Ship Behaviour and Accidents.

A vital resource for all deck officers available in print and digital formats.